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LAYA bikini was founded in Australia, Perth born from my ever lasting desire to travel and surf.

After moving from Europe to the beaches of Australia, trading the mountains for the ocean, I found myself always looking for the perfect bikini that combines both functionality and style. I've always had an affinity for fashion, so one day I borrowed a (very) old sewing machine, created my first bikini bottom and shared a DIY post on my blog back then. The article did really well and sparked an idea...the idea kept evolving and not long after, LAYA bikini was born.

Fast forward six months, during a surf trip to Bali, LAYA bikini's first ever bikini collection went into production and launched later that year in November 2016.

LAYA bikini quickly expanded outside of Australia's borders and is now providing active beach and surfer girls all around the world with fun, cheeky, colourful styles that are unique and designed to stay on in the water.

Migrating to another country and starting my own business whilst realizing two of my dreams hasn't been easy. It's been the most difficult yet most rewarding journey of my life!

This is why it's my and therefore LAYA bikini's mission to build a community of confident girls who follow their dreams and embrace their own uniqueness. I strongly believe that once you listen to your own voice and start following your own passion you'll be able to live the most fun filled, happy and free life...because it'll be YOUR life!

Translated into a range of beautifully unique bikini's, I hope my collection inspires you to keep following your own dreams.


Val Staiger

(Founder LAYA bikini)


Sustainability is important to us, which is why our bikini's are all sent in linen bags instead of plastic!

As the beach and ocean are very dear to us, we also donate $0.10 of every bikini purchased, to the work of Bali's ROLE Foundation. This contribution comes entirely from the profits of our manufacturer in Bali Swim.

P.S.: YES we ship WORLDWIDE :) 

More about the ROLE Foundation...

ROLE Foundation run a zero waste facility and environmental development programs in Bali. Their vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities, and women’s business education and development.

Since 2007 –
they have built 2 environmental education centres, reaching 6,429 children;
given learning and business opportunities to 1042 women;
trained 31 local environmental ambassadors;
ran permaculture prison programs;
held multiple beach and diving cleanups;
and implemented waste managements systems in coastal villages.


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